Marine LED Light - Double

LED Marine Light Double
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    Product Highlights:

    • 5 to 1 power savings over an equivalent Quartz Halogen Light.
    • ROI of $1,560 a year assuming $3.25 diesel, 200 days, 24 hours a day usage.
    • No Bulb replacement.  Fixture is sealed and designed to be replaced, not repaired.
    • Supports both AC (100-277) and DC 12V
    • Instant On
    • The LEDs and reflectors focus the light on the work area.  The light intensity drops off rapidly outside this area.
    • The LEDs have a 5.5 year life @ 100% usage and a 11year Life @ 50% usage.
    • 1 year warranty. 

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This state of the art LED Deck light is equivalent to a 1000 W Quartz Halogen Light while consuming 1/5 the power and requires no bulb replacements with a Life Expectancy of 50,000 hours or more. This light is ideal for applications where electricity is at a premium, or where zero maintenance is a requirement. The light is instant on, low power, low maintenance, high reliability and very bright.

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Marine LED Double Marine LED Double
Marine LED Double Marine LED Double
Wapato Comparison



Single Light

Double Light

Power Consumption

100 Watts

200 Watts

Input Power

110 -277 VAC ,
or 12V DCV

100- 277 VAC ,
or 12V DCV

Light Output
(in Lumen)



Size L x W x D

11.5 “ x 7.5” x 3.5”

18.75” x 7.5” x 3.5”


50,000 Hour Mean Time Between Failure ~ 5.5 Years

50,000 Hour Mean Time Between Failure ~ 5.5 Years



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Installation Guide Click to download  
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