Marine Hatch & Door Monitoring System

LED Marine Light Single
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    Product Highlights:

    • Monitors up to 12 Doors or Hatches with a maximum of 2 sensors per door or hatch, on a single display.
    • Indications are highly visible. There is a brightness switch to reduce the intensity at night.
    • Runs off a 12 or 24 Volt battery and draws very little power.
    • 1 year warranty. 

    Contact Us for sensor options and costs (as they are NOT included in the display unit price)

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The Hatch and Door Monitoring System gives a quick indication of the status of the watertight Hatches and doors. Knowing this information may be the difference between surviving an emergency situation and not. Sensors are placed on all doors and hatches, which can cause the loss of a vessel's watertight integrity. The status of the Doors and Hatches are continuously displayed in the wheelhouse.

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